Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Anxiety misconceptions

Anyone who has any kind of illness, whether its physical, mental or anything else that I can't think of, always face negativity. Here's some things that have been said to me and what its like for me in reality.

'You look fine' 
'You must be faking it'  
'Get over it'  
'I get sad sometimes too so just come out. It'll make you feel better'  
'You don't look like you are suffering'

I could be here all day.. So here's what its like for me in reality.

Most days I go through a whole day where I am fine. By fine I mean I have little to no negative thoughts, and if I do I manage. But on my bad days, everything I do, even the little things like texting friends or leaving the house to go to the shop is a struggle. What's frustrating is that I wish I could go out more. That the thought of going to a restaurant doesn't bring me to a crying mess because I'm worried what people will think of me. There's days where I have to force myself to do things that scare me. That could be something as simple as going to the cinema. What I'm trying to say is that, like anyone, I have good days and bad days.

To those who think people are faking mental illness, try thinking of the last time you were sad, angry, worried or scared. Combine all of those feelings and imagine feeling like that constantly for a week, then a month. Now imagine living with it for a year. Mental health is something we have to take so much more seriously. Just because someone looks as though they aren't struggling doesn't mean they aren't. If you think of it that way you will realise it isn't something that you just 'get over'. Its a constant battle.

This post has come across as a bit more of a rant than I'd like. And I've tried to be as careful as I can how I've worded things, But it is also showing you shouldn't judge someone by the smile on their face because sometimes its hiding a lot of thoughts, most of which could be negative.


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