Thursday, 2 March 2017

Anxiety in the workplace

Most days I look forward to work, and I'm pretty much doing what I've always wanted to. Not only work in a school, but work with children with special educational needs. But there are some days where I'd rather stay in bed. It could be because I know I'll have a really busy day or worry when things change after getting used to a timetable and meeting a new class. 

You shouldn't be ashamed to have anxiety and be at work. Because for the most part, we can work, we know our triggers. As odd as it may sound, working in a school has been good for my anxiety. It may be because you spend all day busy and have little time for the thoughts to creep in.

Panic attacks are terrifying anywhere, but experiencing one at work was another thing entirely. In the few months I've worked at the job I'm in now I've only had one panic attack at work. Now considering the last public one I had was about 5 years ago in college, I reckon that's good going. 

What I thought was going to happen compared to what actually happened:
-I thought I would be told to suck it up and get back to work
-I thought I'd get judged
-I thought no one would understand

-What actually happened was everyone was extremely supportive and let me have some time just to cool down and relax quietly. 
-Everyone made sure I was okay even a few days after. 

A couple things I do to keep anxiety at bay everyday at work:

Inside my planner I have this quote. It sits right next to my timetable so I see it every time I open it. As little as it is, it is a nice pick me up. 

Scentered and essential oils are great for a quick fix. Scentered are a roll on balm which go on your pulse points. These give almost instant relief and smell amazing. 

Weekends are important to rest, as difficult as it may be you need at least one day to switch off and relax. 

I hope my rambling has helped in some way to show that you can work and have anxiety. Your employers will be more okay with it than you think. 


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