Thursday, 11 February 2016

Anxiety: A-Z Part 3

Here's the final part of my A-Z of anxiety.

R- Reassure: So constant reassurance can be a little stifling, but having people who care and tell you the feeling will pass soon helps. The same goes for being that person who's there for someone when they need a bit of help. 

S- Self-care: Looking after yourself is key, whether you have anxiety or not. Making sure you eat, sleep and get some exercise everyday helps maintain you health. And when you feel well you've usually got one less thing to worry about. 

T- Triggers: Triggers are something that..well.. trigger anxiety. It could be going into crowds and you start to feel panicky, or small spaces and you want more than anything to get out. 

U-Understanding: Having someone even if it's one person who just gets how your feeling is great. Because it means you can confide in them knowing they can help. Also having you own personal experiences means you can help others too. Which leads nicely onto the next one: value. 

V- Value: Everyone is valuable whether you feel it or not. Everyone means something to someone and to me no one is alone. There is always something you are good at whether its listening, talking, drawing etc. Never underestimate how valuable you are. 

W- Walking: Walking is good for the soul, there's always something wonderful you come across. Like in Autumn walking through fallen leaves or in Summer seeing the Sun shining through the trees. Not only that but its great exercise, you don't have to walk alone. In fact walking with a friend I'd recommend more it does me more good than walking alone. 

X- Extreme emotions: So there's not a lot beginning with X apart from xylophone.. So had to improvise a little. So extreme emotions and anxiety seem to go hand in hand, it feels like even tiny things can get blown way out of proportion. You analyse every possible scenario that probably won't even happen, which makes you miss out on a few things. 

Y- Yoga: This can be very relaxing, much like meditation it'll take at least a week before you really begin to feel a difference. It's another good form of exercise and helps with breathing techniques you can use day to day. 

Z- ZZZ (sleep): Again like with the letter X.. I think there's little beginning with Z. Sleep can be a bit of a problem, but it's important to get some every night. The only way I can get to sleep is either by listening to an audiobook or music. At the minute Tina Fey's autobiography 'BossyPants' is a favourite, but My Sister's Keeper is a close second. Listening to either one of these helps me sleep throughout the night, where I couldn't before. 


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