Sunday, 28 February 2016

Changing/ Moving school

I figured I could do something that could appeal to a slightly younger audience. Although this is still pretty relevant to any teachers, parents with children or younger siblings. Moving school especially when everyone else is already settled in can be terrifying, so thought I'd share my experience of moving schools.

Thinking way..way.. back in Year Six (aged 11) I was both excited and nervous to start secondary school. Of course what followed was a year and a bit of on/ off being bullied and generally just disliking school. But at the start of Year 8 I got a letter through the post saying I was somehow enrolled into two schools, and if I wanted to move schools I could. I absolutely jumped at this chance. By around October/ November a few meetings with senior staff and entrance exams later, I had moved school. Just to point out what I did find funny was I was in bottom set for maths in the previous school but the test placed me in second set (For anyone unsure of how sets work, classes are set by ability). So either I was in a seriously high achieving school beforehand, or I just was never tested properly until then.

The first month or so was me settling in, I already knew several people from primary school so was lucky in that respect. It felt a little hard having to sort of latch onto someone else's friendship group, but they were (and still are) pretty great so wasn't too hard. What surprised me the most is how comfortable I felt, there were some amazing people I met at my first secondary school I won't discount that at all. But at this school I felt much more relaxed, bullying was reduced to a minimum and I started to enjoy going to school again. From then it just got easier to make friends of my own, and now here we are around 11 years later. I'm still friends with a few of the people at my first school and a lot more from my second.

Here's what I learnt from this:
- People are a lot more welcoming then you think
- The thought of moving could be scary but its worth it
- Don't discount the good, it can help you through the bad times
- You are more capable then you realise


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