Tuesday, 26 April 2016


You always hear people saying 'I wish I didn't do that' or 'I regret that'. I've been known on occasion to say it, but do we always mean it? Sure sometimes we joke about regretting that extra cupcake or takeaway. But its the bigger things like relationships or the conversations we have that can directly impact our lives that make us feel true regret.

I've always been one to say you can learn from the mistakes you make, for example being in a destructive relationship. By destructive I mean one where one partner causes sometimes irreparable damage to the other whether that's through physical or emotional pain. Once its over you feel a whole mix of emotions, regret being one of them. But we shouldn't hold onto that regret as it can hold you back from new and exciting things, like meeting new people and starting new relationships.

A lot of the pain will still be there, that can stay around a while, but letting go of regretting your decisions means you learn if you were ever in that situation again, you'll know how to deal with it. In theory of course because in reality it's easy enough saying let go and things will be fine, but regret links with so many other emotions that it takes time, learning to build yourself up and learning to trust again.

If there's one thing to take away from this its that everyone makes mistakes and everyone feels regret. But you shouldn't let it rule your life.


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