Thursday, 26 November 2015

Anxiety: Talking about things

I contacted Mind recently as I have been struggling a lot with anxiety recently. They suggested looking through their leaflets, going to the doctors and signing up to their chat-room called 'Elefriends'. This is basically a place where people with issues from anxiety to Bipolar disorder can talk, share experiences and have a general shared understanding which they would usually lack elsewhere. You can say as much or as little as you feel you can, use your own picture as a profile pic or any random thing like a pet or a quote.

I was initially apprehensive, I could be talking to anyone and could get mocked for the negative thoughts I wanted to share. However I was so wrong, this group are so helpful and even when you share something and get a hug, like or a comment it makes you feel so much better than sharing on Facebook where you may not get any support. I would recommend this to anyone suffering anxiety or any issue!!


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