Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dealing with interviews

So since I left uni I've had a couple of interviews in primary schools. Which on the one hand is amazing as it means they are interested but on the other I was so scared. Like alot of people I stumble with my words during interviews. The anxiety also creeps in the sweaty palms, fluttering chest and wishing you'd rather be anywhere but there.

So here's how I (try) to deal with interviews. First breathe, seems obvious but taking deep breaths helps to regulate the oxygen in your body and make you feel less panicky. The next thing I do is look around the room. In schools especially there are lovely posters and art work that the children have done. This not only helps pass the time but the colours are actually quite calming. Another thing is if any members of staff walk by smile and say hello, it not only makes you look welcoming and polite it is another good way to distract you.

The interview itself I try to take my time answering questions. It's okay to ask them to repeat the question, it doesn't mean you aren't listening but trying to find the answer. Sometimes the questions can be quite tricky and long, so would be difficult to remember in any situation!

On another note it was my birthday early on this week, which I really enjoyed. I got Cinderella on DVD and this quote felt really meaningful, so I'll leave you with it.

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