Friday, 29 January 2016

Body shaming and self image

I think everyone at some point in their life has felt awful because of what someone has said to them. From other posts you know I've been bullied in the past. And as much as I say I've got through it, when I have one of my bad days they resurface.

Words hold so much power, it's something we all use everyday whether through speech or writing things down. I'll give you an example, with my NF1 I have birth marks or cafe-au'-laits marks over my body. This includes freckling on my armpits, groin area and chest. So, being told by a friend 'ew what's that on your chest' bothered me. Purely by choice of wording, I felt like I was being pointed out for something I was born with. This is the same by telling someone they are too fat, skinny, tall or small. On the surface it seems like nothing. But to the person you say it to, it can hold a lot more power than you realise.

How you see yourself is just as important as how you see others. Personally I feel that even though I know I'm not perfect, I know it makes me.. me.
-My scars have shown the surgery I had, without which I'd probably be severely crippled by now.
-My birth marks show I have NF1.
-My face shows I'm half Japanese.

 Being able to embrace who you are takes time, I'm only just starting to get to the point where I am able to do this. That knowing you are enough and people should never have the power to make you feel any different. So smile more and remember it's alright not to be what other deem to be perfect.

There's been no one exactly like you in the past, and no one will be like you in the future.. unless we invent cloning. But that's not my point..


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