Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Eighteen- Favourite Story (and a rant about photo filters)

Today has been pretty slow so far, and by that I mean I haven't done a lot at all (again). This is also the first selfie in a while that I haven't put any filters on. Which for me is a big thing as I usually feel like I can't. Whether it's because of lack of confidence, anxiety or a combination or both I'm not sure. I think it's sad that in today's society we feel we have to put filters on our photos to make us appear that bit better just because we are worried what other people will say. It says a lot about expectations and how the media portray celebs that we feel we need to do this.

Anyway onto todays blog.. I love reading, whether its crime novels, Harry Potter, bit of romance anything, but I have to say Dr Seuss is great for any age. The Grinch not only is one of my favourite Christmas films but also stories. Anything by Dr Seuss I adore but especially at Christmas I love this.


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