Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Nineteen and Twenty- Family and christmas shopping

Sorry didn't upload yesterday was busy all day, I'll have to squash two days into this one blog. In the morning I went food shopping with mum then by the afternoon we had family come to visit. We haven't seem them in so long, so it was great to catch up and have a few giggles. It's so weird how grown up everyone is and you don't really notice until you see friends or family you haven't seen in a while.

Family has always meant so much to me, and everyone probably says this about their families but I think I have the best one. I have so many fun memories of going up to grandmas and spending time with my cousins. I feel like even though we've all grown up now, we still need at least one more random crazy sleepover at grandmas.

Christmas shopping is generally stressful not because I don't know what to buy, but just because of how crazy people get at Christmas, its like manners just get thrown out the window and replaced by this mad hunger to buy gifts. It annoys me that people think its okay to try and push you out the way using their shopping basket (yes this happened a couple of days ago) instead of saying excuse me please. I've been brought up with the mind set that manners don't cost a thing, and to see adults pushing and shoving baffles me. All of this ends up with me picking the times I go really carefully otherwise it triggers my anxiety, which doesn't always go to plan.

If I do have to brave town later in the afternoon, I try and keep constant conversation with whoever I'm with, or at least let them do all the talking and I listen as it distracts me. I take my iPod with me if I'm alone and listen to music, this also acts as a distraction. Basically I do whatever I can think of to distract myself from the amount of people around.

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