Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Seventeen- Favourite poem

Today so far has been pretty good, and by that I mean I woke up happy and mostly pain free. Realising who your true friends are is a massive thing and something you keep on learning the older you get. It hurts a lot that people I thought were friends could continue to hurt me in the way they have. I'm a forgiving person and I think I always will be but even I have a line once crossed can never be crossed again.
Anyway back to today's blog, I found this poem and thought it was so lovely and pretty much sums up Christmas.
Best Christmas Poems, Short Christmas Poems and Poetry | Christmas Celebrations:
If you struggle to read red here's what it says:
The wind is blowing with the cold breeze air,
The children are singing everywhere,
The laughter and joy are always shared,
These are signs that Christmas spirit is in the air.
The love that we give will always be felt,
The messages we convey will also be sent,
The poor and the needy will now be fed,
These are signs that Christmas spirit is not yet dead.
The people everywhere are having fun,
The fathers are bonding with their son,
The quarrels and fights are already done,
These are the signs that Christmas spirit is not yet gone.


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