Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Eleven- Food and recipes

I've had a pretty boring day mainly because I'm still not feeling all that great. So spent it watching Christmas films, which were the Grinch, Home Alone and, as I'm typing this, Arthur Christmas. Which are all lovely feel good films. On to todays topic which is food! We usually stick with the same foods at Christmas, but mum (and me) likes trying new things. We found this Christmas cookbook in The Works bookshop. It breaks down recipes into Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day and cakes.
Despite the fact it's almost guaranteed you'll get some form of biscuit or chocolate selection box for Christmas, it's nice to make them. I'm hoping you can read all the recipes I've uploaded, but either way I'll be trying to make them so will let you know how they go.

We tried this last year, but instead of pancetta we used bacon. Apart from dad, none of us are fans of Brussels sprouts. So by boiling them then roasting them with bacon, it makes them taste not too bad! And this is coming from someone who will usually avoid sprouts at all costs.

Roasted or glazed veggies are always a favourite and carrots and parsnips is no exception. As I've said before in a previous blog, I love roast veg.

And for the classic pigs in blankets, sausage wrapped in bacon what more can I say?


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