Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas: Day One- favourite traditions

My favourite Christmas tradition is when dad goes up into the attic and me, mum and my brother and sister stand at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him to bring down the Christmas stuff. There's not much we can do collectively as a family anymore and this is something that brings us together and we have alot of fun and giggles doing it.

We haven't got our down yet as we usually have to wait until mum isn't working. So can't show us bringing them down yet. But here's a picture of some baubles until I can update the blog.

Another tradition is to buy new Christmas trinkets every year. This year we picked a penguin(which I think was from either Asda or Wilkinson but not 100% sure.. The little fluffy things my sister made a while back but it they looked cute sitting together.

My third favourite tradition is to fill the snowman jar with goodies. These are usually chocolate coins, chocolate Santas.. well chocolate..


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