Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Nine- Favourite winter items

This is more of a challenge for me as sharing pictures on the internet tends to trigger my anxiety. I wore the items mainly to show what they look like on. I mean in all honesty I didn't have to, but decided to push myself a little bit and prove to myself that I can. Today I'm showing my favourite winter items, some of them are clothes but there are a couple of my must haves I use during the colder months.

I used to laugh at the thought of wearing a onesie, but in the January sales of this year (seems so long ago, the year has flown by!) I came across this one in Matalan.
 It is so cosy, again please excuse the mess I share a room with a teenager after all..
The next item is a scarf. This was a present from mum's friend in Japan. It's really soft and long which I like. I love the colours as the earthy tones seem to suit me more. (And yes that is an Ariel phone case)

 This coat I bought on Ebay a few years ago. I went for a walk today and dug this out, and teamed it with a black beanie hat. The military style makes you feel extra padded, which in this kind of weather works out well.
It wouldn't be winter without some funky slippers. Mum got me these from Shoe Zone, they are fluffy inside so keep your toes nice and cosy.

This throw/ blanket was knitted by mum for my birthday last year. I use it on top of my quilt and makes my bed all the more cosy.

Next up is the scent I use. This is cheating slightly as I use this all year round, but its one of my favourites. Zoella's Let's Spritz smells a bit fruity and really girly, which suits me well as I don't like too overpowering smells. The bottle is really cute and feminine.

Ah lastly my hands get so dry in winter, this Garnier hand cream smells like Mangos and keeps your hands hydrated and soft. Winning combination for me, I've used this cream for a good few years and would recommend it to anyone.

So there's my favourite winter items. Today my anxiety has not been too bad, especially as I had to go with mum to the Post Office and Asda, but we did go before lunch so it wasn't too busy.


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