Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Six- When do I open presents?

I have had to google pic this image as firstly we haven't got our tree up yet but also because I haven't bought or wrapped presents yet.. And even if we had presents they wouldn't be under the tree before Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning usually works out like this, we wake up super excited and early, although less so now as my brother is like any typical guy and wakes up at 11am. Then we open the presents in our stockings in bed. Once we've got bored of doing that we would wake up my parents so we can all go downstairs together and see the presents under the tree. When we were younger we'd see the carrots milk and biscuits had been eaten by Santa and the reindeer.

We would then all sit down in the living room and mum would hand out the presents. Usually because of all the excitement this ends up being finished before half 9. Sometimes when mum has had to work Christmas Eve night we have to wait for her to return home from work, get her jammies on and then we can. This for my little sister especially was frustrating, sitting watching the unopened presents. Although would just like to point out mum usually gets home before 9 so really its the same haha.


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