Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Twelve- How I count down

For as long as I can remember every year we get and advent calendar. Last year I got a Frozen one, and yes it was exciting. I think its one of the things you can truly let your inner child out on, that and buying funky socks. Anyway this year I got a Minions one, although I cannot eat the actual chocolate as its been making me feel ill recently. Which is a bit of a bummer as I love chocolate.. It's still fun to open the advent calendar itself and hand out chocolates to my family.

Minion Bob (I think) sits behind our sofa so its easy to reach and remember.
Usually when I go into town when its busy its sets off my anxiety, which it did I feel really headachy and tired. So I usually just do quick sketches to calm myself down. This one literally took about 10 minutes and is supposed to be my sister, even though she doesn't have a fringe.. with her guinea pigs.

 Today I wore my burgundy jumper (again) from Primark, and wore my necklace I got from Amazon which says 'Always' which any Harry Potter fan will understand. The pendant is quite big so this jumper with a higher neck suited it well (well I though so anyway). Makeup.. was my usual: just eyeliner and bit of lipstick

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