Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Fifteen- What I've learnt from this year

There's still a little bit left of this year, but decided to do a bit of a reflection of the year.

So this year I graduated from uni with a First. This has got to be up there with my proudest moments. I worked ridiculously hard to get the best grade I could, and it meant I spent a lot of time in my room and didn't socialise as much. I never thought I could get into uni let alone finish it with a First. It's so crazy to think back three years ago when I first started, I commuted which wrecked my health, I felt a bit left out being the only one of my circle of friends who had to do the commute and trying to manage my anxiety triggers. Admittedly sometimes I couldn't and meant I missed a few lectures through being poorly or genuinely feeling like I couldn't walk out the door. Although saying that I chose to live in a student house for my second and final year and that was no picnic either! I learnt so much living away and proved to myself and my family that I can do it.

I had to spend a lot of time in and out of doctors and the hospital, and although we in the UK may grumble about it sometimes, we should be grateful healthcare is so readily available. My health has never been that great, especially since my surgery, but I am always grateful to be able to wake up each morning and getting on with the day the best I can.

I also learnt that sometimes life sucks, well I knew this already but this year seemed more stressful than most. But what I never though about before was putting a positive spin on things. For example, relationships or even friendships may not work out like you wished they would, but it gives you the experience to know what to do in the future. Sure it hurts like hell at the time, but after you've had time to sit and think there's plenty of life still ahead to look forward to.

Going to Japan in September has to be the highlight of my year. Being able to see family again and also visit parts of Japan I've never been to like Kyoto was amazing. I'll put a few pic in from my holiday as this blog has been really wordy.

Kiyamizudera temple in Kyoto was stunning, not just the scenery but the bright orange temple contrasted the green trees so well.
 Looks like I stepped into Jurassic park here, but it is a dam (can't remember the name I know it's outside Sapporo though!)
Climbing this mountain and going above the clouds was so much fun.
Otaru, what a beautiful seaside town, we picked the perfect day to go and I even caught the Sun a bit.

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