Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Twenty Three- 3 wishes

It's 2 days until Christmas!! I think I'm more excited than most of my family combined. Today I decided to wear my minion jumper. Much to the embarrassment of my sister (again, I keep telling her to stop being ashamed but it doesn't seem to work, teenagers I guess ;p).
I picked three wishes as my topic today. So here they are:
1. To have more happy days than sad. I chose this because this year like most has been hard, I had a lot of high points but had quite a few lows. But for me the lows always outweigh the positives so I suppose that's something else, to be able to see the positives more.
2. Get a job, I've been looking for so long and it bothers me that I'm struggling to find one.
3. My third wish would be to be able to read minds for one day. For me, I get so anxious because I think people are thinking bad things about me. Now this could backfire as not everyone will always be thinking something nice about me. But it would be good for me for peace of mind.
I decided to leave you with this quote, because I completely agree with it.


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