Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Fourteen- Christmas tree reveal

I've had a pretty relaxing day today as I've been feeling poorly still. I'm hoping it clears by Christmas but wouldn't bet on it. I've spent most of the morning sleeping and watching Santa Clause 2, by the afternoon I felt a little better so sat helping mum wrap presents for the family, and when I say help it means writing labels and sticking ribbons on. I'm usually stuck doing the ribbons as the backing tape is fiddly and I'm the only one who seems to be able to take them off.

I thought I'd do a tree reveal now we finally have a tree topper. We bought a smaller and thinner tree this year mainly due to lack of space. That hasn't stopped us from crowding the tree with our favourite decorations though. Lots of pictures today so bear with me..

 I thought I'd do a couple close ups of tree decorations. We never have had a theme and have always just put ones up we think are pretty and in my sisters case, fluffy. The butterfly and dove capture the fairy lights really well, we've had these for years so can't remember where we got them from.

Again these we've had for as long as I can remember. We always put them up as they are cute and look really Christmassy.

 The deer is a recent addition, although I still can't remember where it's from (Wilko's or B&Q I think?). I really like the glitter on the hooves, tail and around the neck.
 It wouldn't be Christmas without annoying dancing Santa's and animals, and we have a lot.. They usually sit under the tree as that's the only place big enough to fit them all. They all sing something different, and of course they have to be tested once they come out the attic every year.. at the same time..




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