Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas: Day three- Favourite Christmas film(s)

So this is a really hard one as I love nearly every Christmas film. Going to cheat a bit and give you my top 3.

Elf- What can I say, it has comedy, Christmas and a bit of a moral behind it. I've been wanting to re-watch this from November, but mum has a rule of watching Christmas films from December.. This is my go to film when I'm feeling anxious, as I've watched this countless times and still laugh at the same parts.
Miracle on 34th Street is absolutely adorable, one of those films you watch when you are feeling a bit low and want a smile.

Sorry this one is sideways, can't work out why.. anyway. The Santa Clause (the first one), is another one of my favourites as it's usually the one the whole family enjoys together.
Sorry this one isn't as long, didn't really know what else to say.


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