Friday, 25 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Twenty Five- Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all you amazing people out there!! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. I've loved today so much, I was the first one to wake up this morning, even before my sister which was surprising! We still had sushi leftover from yesterdays dinner so I had that for breakfast.. and lunch for that matter. Then we spent early afternoon watching movies and munching sweets until dinner was ready. Christmas dinner as ever is made by dad, and we ate until we were all completely stuffed and watched Vicar of Dibley.

Then about an hour later we got the munchies so nibbled on crisps, chocolate and whatever took our fancy. I really hope everyone got to spend today with somebody, because no one should be alone any time of the year, even more so at Christmas. It makes you grateful for who you have in your life and makes you realise you should hold onto everyone you care about.

I wore a Christmas jumper from Asda, its slightly longer than normal jumpers so meant I could wear leggings, which comes in handy with the amount of food we eat! As ever excuse the mess in the reflection.



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