Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blogmas: Day Sixteen- Christmas in other traditions

Today's been another busy day, I've done about half my Christmas shopping (finally). Although being in town for so long and with it being so busy triggers my anxiety and I end up with a headache. The presents have already been wrapped, I've forgotten how annoying it is to wrap presents! I've been feeling a little bit down with things going on I didn't expect but I have amazing friends who have helped me through it.

There's no point talking about traditions all around the world, I would be here all day, so instead seeing as I'm half Japanese I'll talk about Christmas in Japan. Most people in Japan do not celebrate Christmas itself. But with Western influences, especially from America creeping in more people are starting to find their own ways to celebrate. Shops are starting to sell more Christmas cards and decorations for people to put up. They don't usually gives gifts and Christmas Eve and Day is just a normal day, however they do go out for special family meals or order chicken from KFC to eat on Christmas Day.

From pictures mum has shown me, and from being over there, what I have realised is they love a good festival. Somewhere in Japan there's generally a festival going on, and during the winter months is the Winter Festival. Schools and people compete with each other to try to make the best sculpture out of snow and ice and they are pretty impressive!

What is important over there though is New Years Eve and Day, this is when parents and grandparents give money to the children and grandchildren as a gift. Noodles are usually eaten as a way to say 'I hope you continue to have a long healthy life'. It is also a time to go to the temple to pray to lost family members and to Buddha. Cards are also exchanged, and greeting cards over there are always pretty cool.


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